The staff of the Center works in agreement with the Rector's Delegate for disability and with the Center's Technical Scientific Committee. The SAISD Center runs its activity according to the "Guidelines" drawn up by the National University Conference of Delegates for Disability C.N.U.D.D. based on the New International Classification of Impairment and Personal Activities – ICF. The assistance of the disabled student in the University of Pavia is achieved through personalized forms of reception and planning of interventions aimed at identifying and enhancing personal skills and abilities, after a careful analysis of the real needs and individual potential of each student.

S.A.I.S.D. has implemented the following types of services:

  • welcoming and orientation in the choice of the degree course;
  • the identification of the needs in relation to disability;
  • identification of supports in terms of personnel and technical aids;
  • accompaniment and assistance within university facilities, during class hours and in the canteen during meals;
  • interventions by the teachers for the implementation of individualized examinations;
  • assistance during the execution of the exam tests;
  • assistance in carrying out bureaucratic activities;
  • support for the employment integration of disabled graduates, in collaboration with the University Guidance Center.
  • The Service operates in collaboration with the Institute for the Right to Education (E.D.I.S.U.), with the aim of offering students an integrated system of services. In this perspective the colleges run by the E.D.I.S.U. offer hospitality to students with disabilities through a provision of an annual reserve of seats.
  • Abili si diventa is a project conceived and conducted by SAISD in collaboration with LAMA (Adapted Motory Activity Laboratory) aimed at disabled people who wish to practice physical activity. Inspired by the principle according to which personal well-being is necessarily achieved through the achievement of autonomy, it proposes a program of adapted physical activity structured on different levels of intensity. Download the complete pdf

  • Guidelines for the accompanying and transport service for students with disabilities. Download the complete pdf
  • Charter of Services for students with disabilities and DSA.Download the complete pdf


  • Registration Entry test.Download the complete pdf
  • Registration for services.Download the complete pdf
  • Services requests.Download the complete pdf