New SAISD opening provision

Dear Student,

we inform you that UNIPV SAISD Center, in order to minimize movements and to avoid overcrowding of premises, limits access to its front office.

Access will be allowed only electronically.  Meetings will take place on Google Meet: easy to be used, it can be accessed from pc or from a mobile device via app. 

Student should ask for a meeting writing an email to , leaving his/her phone number.

Each meeting will last 40 minutes.

Once arranged day and time, the meeting will be managed by SAISD Staff through Google Calendar. 

The Staff will create the event inviting the student to participate in with his/her email address. 

The system will send an email to the student containing all the information about the event, included the identification string to connect to the meeting.


our telephone contacts:

Phone +39 0382 984953

Fax +39 0382 984954

Covid Emergency

the COVID-19 emergency and government measures have imposed the reorganization of academic activities; the University of Pavia is offering a remote lectures / exams service, delivered on various online platforms.
The measures adopted consequently modify the performance of the activities of the Saisd Center; on the contrary, increasing the efforts to guarantee students the maximum usability of the didactic contents and of the distance tests. We therefore invite you to get in touch with us for your suggestions or proposals, which we will gladly take into consideration.
We can get out of this emergency if, even in the distance, we keep in touch.

Our telephone contacts:

  • +39 0382 984953
  • Fax +39 0382 984954