Starting from the academic year 1999/2000, in implementation of the provisions of the law 17/99 - Integration and modification of the framework law 5/2/1992 n. 104, for the assistance and integration of disabled people - the University of Pavia set up the Service Center for the Assistance and Integration of Disabled Students "Servizio Assistenza e Integrazione Studenti Disabili e con DSA - S.A.I.S.D.".

The S.A.I.S.D. Center offers a service of reception, assistance and integration of students with disabilities within the University system. It organizes, supports, coordinates and monitors all initiatives concerning the integration of disabled students in all aspects of university life, allowing attendance to lectures, laboratories, access to libraries and all university facilities.

The Service Card for disabled students and DSA was issued On 11 May 2016. Download the complete pdf